Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Visualization and Information Management solutions provide better decision making to drive revenue, increase profitability and reduce costs. From strategic consultancy and the delivery of niche technical services, to a complete Information Management solution, Vibrant Software offers end-to-end solution, together with support and training.

At a glance What We Offer?

•Our consultants has got extensive world class real life experience and most are Microsoft Certified, Oracle Certified and Business Objects specialist and has  got more than 13 years real life experience in Banking, Investment Bank, Insurance sector, NHS, Telecommunication, Public Sector, Microsoft Gold Partner, Media Investment company in UK, USA and Europe.


•We help defining how information can help drive business performance including defining a vision, product selection, implementation roadmap and project ROI models.

•Help companies to think about how to define control and reporting before embarking on enterprise projects and helps avoid incorrect investment decisions being made.

•Provides a common business and technology vision with clearly understood ROI against which the success of the project can be measured.

•Reduces the complexity and cost of reporting from transactional reporting systems.

•Ensures the correct technology is purchased to deliver the anticipated benefits, and allows companies to identify where new technology solutions provide benefits e.g. Mobile, Big Data and in Memory.

•Reduce the cost of running MIS and BI solutions by validating that the solution will deliver successful results before projects begin – rather than after they complete.

•Develop an iterative roadmap with iterative steps adding value each time.

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