Bespoke Data Warehouse Solutions

Data warehouse is a process of holding your organisational data in a single place by joining multiple business parts with some core business logic behind it. It helps your organisation to hold the historical changes as well as keep the key decision making analytical data into single place.

Our expert consultants will build a bespoke Data Warehouse solutions based on your need using the latest technologies with most cost effective way.

ETL (Extract, Transformation & Load) Framework Design

ETL is a process to extract data from multiple source systems, transform into your business need and load into your data warehouse for reporting and analytical purpose. We build the entire framework to make the whole end-to-end process automated with complete auditing so that your support team can monitor and take necessary actions. Our framework is fully customized and can be reused for any other future BI projects.

Data Center Setup

When you build the Data warehouse solutions, data center plays a vital role to host your data in a secured place as well as making sure the data access will be seemingly accessible. Solution Architect will define the architecture of your enterprise solutions inline with Data warehouse architecture to setup the best Data Center for your organisation. Also need to make sure, Data Center is can be well utilized for other part of your business. Data center setup will cover hardware, software and physical infrastructure in a most cost effective way.

Our Expert team will understand your data center need and setup end-to-end with the best possible price.No One can beat our Price,Guaranteed!!

Fully Customized BI Solutions

Business Intelligence enables you to look your organisational data insight view to understand the current trend, issues, performance and also help you to manage your day to day key decision make. Business Intelligence is also help you to look at the the historical view, find the risks, patterns and plan well in advance to mitigate the risk plan. Data visualization helps you to understand your insight data in more meaningful visual way.

We are specialized on Business Intelligence solutions and Data Visualization techniques. We cover most up to date technologies and can help you to migrate existing data into new platform.

Business Intelligence Consultancy

Our consultants has got real life experience to build world class BI solutions including Architect the entire solutions. We also help your stuff to understand the complete process by giving hands-on training and onsite/off-site support after delivering the projects.

Our Expert consultants will review your current systems, business process, challenges and offer the best possible consultancy service with the most cost effective way.